The Declaration

11825755_402660679922612_7390844891486033373_n[1]GLOBAL KINGDOM CIVILIZATION DECLARATION


This Global Kingdom Civilization (or Kingdom Humanity) Ratification and Declaration was administered by the Church Community of LivingStones Agency (LSA) in the City of Durban (South Africa), on Sunday 8th September 2013, under the leadership of Robert Ntuli. The Ratification was declared, as an act of obedience to the instruction of the Holy Spirit. The Lord instructed us to ratify that which He had revealed. New Purposes of God must be Prophesied and Ratified by man in the Earth.

To Ratify is to give formal approval and consent to something; it is to confirm and agree on something.


To Ratify is to confirm and agree with the Purposes of God arriving in the Earth. God is Sovereign but He will do nothing unless He reveals His secret plans to His servants the Prophets (Amos 3:7). The Sovereign Lord has chosen to work through Divine Partnership with man. The job of the Prophets is to discern, confirm, agree and proclaim the Plans of God in the Earth. In this context, Ratification is a Prophetic function.

2 Corinthians 1:20 For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.

Psalms 68:11 The Lord announced the word, and great was the company of those who proclaimed it. NIV


Moses stood before the people and Proclaimed the Covenant and People responded with an “Amen” (Ex 24:7). Ezra stood before the People and read the Law of God and People responded with repentance and agreement (Neh 8:1-12). Peter and the Early Believers ratified the birthing of the Church in Jerusalem with a Powerful Proclamation (Acts 2:1-4&14-16). All this means that significant Movements and Shifts in the Spirit always require a Prophetic People to arise and ratify the New Purposes of God arriving in the Earth.

In the Spirit realm, things move by Proclamation. In the beginning, God declared things into existence (Gen 1:3). Abraham – the Father of our faith believed in the God of Creative Proclamation (Rom 4:17). Reality is established by Proclamation (Heb 11:3). The End of Time is facilitated by a Series of Angelic-Prophetic Proclamations (Rev 8:2).

Read this Ratification Declaration and join in the powerful Proclamation of the establishment of Church as a Global Kingdom Civilization in the Earth.



GKC_Teaching (10)Today, we the people of LivingStones Agency are gathered together in the presence of the Lord, as an act of obedience to the instruction of the Spirit of God. We are gathered together in this day of our Migration to Proclaim, Ratify and Enact New Requirements of the Lord in the Earth. We are gathered together for the Purpose of Ratification of the glorious Global Kingdom Civilization.

Lord, this sacred Assembly is an outcome of a Divine Process that has been brewing in our hearts since the primitive phases of our Journey. You brought us forth as a Community through powerful Apostolic Proclamation and revealed your Kingdom to us. You started our Journey through Apostolic Grace. You connected us to Brothers and Sisters across the Nations of the World – people of same values, emphasis and pursuit.

Our Journey connects to the beloved Body of Christ that you are actively building unto Perfection – Believers of all Races, Culture and Gender across the Nations of the World, who have been touched by the power of your saving grace and the Holy Spirit.

Our Journey is connected to the lives of the Patriarchs, Kings, Priests, Prophets, Apostles and all the Holy Saints who fought the Darkness by the Light of their lives and ensured the advancement of your Kingdom.

Our Journey is connected to those you will touch from now onwards and bring to the Revelation of your Lordship and Kingdom, those yet to be born and those already in the Earth – who are chained by the Darkness, waiting for the Day of Redemption.

We therefore stand in your Presence Oh Lord, as a Representation of the Advancement of the Purpose of God in the Body of Christ.

Father, you came and revealed your Son to us as a Civilian – a Kingdom Citizen – the Last Adam. You revealed your Son – as the Pattern of our Humanity, Human Existence and Citizenship in the Earth. You revealed to us that this Civil Dimension of Christ is the main characteristic and thrust of the Spirit of God towards the Church and the Earth in this Hour. This is the main thing that must now be built in the Church.

You spoke to us about the Change of Priesthood and the establishment of a New Order of Church, unlike the former. You spoke to us about not only believing in you, but also in your System of Human Life. You spoke to us about the breaking of Structural Marginalization in the Church and the inclusion of “Judah” back to the Altar of Sacrifice.

You showed us that Adam is the First Block and the First Image in the Structure of your Word – the Genesis of all things – and therefore the First Block and Image in the Structure of your Mind. We therefore saw that Christ, the Last Adam, is the Doctrinal Emphasis and the Building Platform of this New Season. Through Adam, we saw that Human and Civil Development is the foremost thought in the Mind of God and becomes the main focus of the Church in this New Season.

You revealed to us that Human and Civil Development, and not Ceremonialism, is the Framework of Scripture – and that the Word of God is our Alpha System, the starting place of our thought process and perspective.

You revealed to us that the Kingdom of God is moving and establishing itself within the Civil Dimension of Human Life and that Church is assuming a Strong Civil Dimension in the midst of the Nations of the World.

You spoke to us about Global Kingdom Civilization, the defining structure of Church and Human Life in this New Season. We have seen Zion – the City that was revealed to our forefathers Abraham, Ezekiel and John. We have seen that which many Prophets and Righteous Men longed to see in the former days.

In your Sovereignty, you led us through divine orchestration. You moved ahead of us and Set the Stage in the Spirit. You led us to the reality of Kingdom Purpose arriving in the Earth.

Now God, here we are – standing together in One Faith, One Baptism, One Hope, One Heart, One Mind and One Voice. Here we are, standing together in full obedience to Divine Instruction and out of understanding the Power of the Law of Proclamation.

  • We declare this to be the time of Global Kingdom Civilization.
  • We declare this day to be a Moment in Time when the Purposes of the Lord enter into the sphere of Man.
  • We declare that Global Kingdom Civilization is the New Emphasis of Church in this Season.
  • Lord, you gave us your Word – so we stand here now to proclaim it in the Heavens and in the Earth. We declare this day to be a time of the Release, Establishment and Advancement of Global Kingdom Civilization. We say, “this is, that now” which was revealed to the Patriarchs, Prophets and Apostles. We say this is the City that Abraham saw.


Global Kingdom Civilization, come forth and be established in the Earth!

Come forth and be established in the structures of Church!

Produce New Forms of Church.

Produce the “New Child”.

Come forth and be established in the Structures of Man!

Move and touch the Nations of the North, South, East and West.

Be established in the Villages and Suburbs.

Move in the Shacks and in the Pent Houses.

Touch the Educated and the Uneducated; the Rich and the Poor.

Be established across the Races and Cultures of Man.

Move in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, Oceania, North America and in all the Islands of the Sea.

Touch the Systems of Politics, Governance and Commerce.

We stand here and proclaim the Righteousness of the Lord in Zion. We announce it and proclaim it among the Nations. We lift the Banner in the Heavens. We declare that Global Kingdom Civilization is now the New Dimension of the Spirit and of the Life of Christ that defines the core Reality of Church and Human Life in the Earth.

God, we now petition you – to reconfigure your interaction with the Church. Release new Grace and Impartation, unheard of in former times.

Baptise us now, into the new dimensions of your Spirit Oh God. Release a flood of impartation and activate your Body in the new dimensions of the Kingdom. Raise men and women who will go out and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.

Let this Global Kingdom Civilization enter into the hearts of the Saints and into the Structures of Church. Let it redesign the Leadership Systems of Church. Let it bring Equalization and Divine Order to the Structures of the Body.

Break the shackles of Darkness and Religion and bring “Judah” to the Altar. We call forth a new Priesthood in the Church.


Global Kingdom Civilization – come forth and establish yourself above the hills! Let all Nations stream towards you, Oh Zion.

God, we believe with our hearts and make this confession with our mouths. Now let the redemption of God begin to touch Man across the Nations of the Earth.

Release your Grace and make us Builders of this Global Kingdom Civilization. Sustain us by your Breath in your Purposes until we finish building all that is in your Mind. Surround us by your Presence and Angelic Power and make us faithful Stewards of your Word as we advance your Purposes. Cause us to increase by the thousands across the earth and cause our Offspring to possess the Gates of the Enemy.

Now God, that which we Ratify becomes Law! It cannot be cancelled, overturned, nullified or vetoed by any system of Authority – whether thrones in the Heavens or on Earth.

That which we Ratify brings Definition to the Design and Direction of Church, Nations and Human Life as a whole. We loose Global Kingdom Civilization here on Earth. We Ratify the new Definers and Imperatives of Global Kingdom Civilization.

Now loose it God, in Heaven. Loose the New Architecture and the New Child.

  • Establish us so that your Word might be proclaimed in the Nations.
  • Go ahead of us and touch the Structures of your Body.
  • Let the tremors of Global Kingdom Civilization be felt in the Structures of the Church and of the Nations of the World.
  • Release those bound by the Darkness into the Light of this New Day.
  • Open Doors in the Nations & Systems of the World for the advance of your Kingdom.

We, the People of Christ – the People of the Kingdom – broadcast this new Global Kingdom Civilization before Rulers and Authorities in the Heavenly Realms. We announce it in the Earth. We make this proclamation together:

  • Arise Oh God and let your enemies be scattered!
  • Arise Oh God and let your enemies be scattered!
  • Arise Oh God and let your enemies be scattered!

We declare that this is now so, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Let the Heavens Rejoice! Let the Earth sing praises to the Lord! Let the Saints rejoice, for the Redemption of our Lord has come!

LivingStones Agency © 2015 – All Rights Reserved

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