Kingdom Humanity: From Meetings to Arrangements

Sustainable Kingdom Transformation in the world will not be produced by an arbitrary people who confess Jesus as Lord, but by a Community of Disciples of Jesus who willingly & collectively allow the Lord to establish a Kosmos out of them – an Arrangement of Human Life in Christ. The world notices arrangements, not arbitrary groups. And God creates arrangements (kosmos), not arbitrary life. In the world of arrangements, what matters is not numbers but a Way of Life. This is why Noah & his small family became a formidable force. The phrase, “sin entered the world” (in Rom. 5:12) implies that sin did not only corrupt the human heart, but also arrangements of life. A Church built on the premise of Arrangement of Life in Christ will not be identified according to common congregational membership but according to common Humanity in Christ. All this means that the believer must embrace the Kingdom Mission as an existential reality, in collaboration with fellow believers, & not simply as a program & an activity. It also means that pastors have to learn to not only shepherd people, but to administer arrangements of life out of people. Jesus is coming for a “Bride that is adorned(a Kosmos). Becoming a kosmos (or an Arrangement of Life) in a fractured & chaotic world, is the ultimate apostolic mission of the Church (Rev. 21)!

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