The Kingdom Citizenship Framework


The Kingdom Citizenship Framework

During our last Kingdom Humanity Fellowship gathering, we proclaimed the Kingdom Citizenship Framework. This framework outlines our apostolic doctrine on citizenship. It does not only establish us (Believers) in what the apostle Paul began to teach the early church about Kingdom Citizenship (Eph. 2:19. Phil. 1:27, Phil. 3:20) but it also establishes a pattern that the nations of the world can follow, as they grapple with issues of citizenship within their geo-political spheres.

This truth of Kingdom Citizenship (which is a significant component of Kingdom Humanity) is the fulfillment of end time movement of the Lord, to release doctrines that do not only establish the Body of Christ in the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:11-13) but that also become wisdom for the nations. The Lord is moving towards a point of divine convergence and confluence, where the same wisdom that establishes the Believer within the sphere of the Church is the same wisdom that can be utilized by nations. This further affirms in our hearts that the Truth of God is truly scalable and can be applied across the spectrum of the human condition. This divine convergence of the spirit and the natural through God’s Word (John 1:14), is setting a “divine date” between the Church and the Nations, they will come knocking and seeking the wisdom of the Lord from the Body of Christ (Isa. 2:1-4). This is a significant day to be alive!

The audio link

Follow this link The Kingdom Citizenship Framework to listen to the teaching on kingdom citizenship.

Thank you!

Robert Ntuli

Visionary Leader

Kingdom Humanity Fellowship

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