Announcing Kingdom Humanity Fellowship

Hi LSA and friends,


We have been in a season of progressive revelation of the purpose and the plans of the Lord for the Body of Christ in this season. We began the journey seeing as in a “poor reflection”. This church generation is now called to enter into a new “territory of sight” as we see with greater details the elements and the relationship of the elements of God’s purpose that He is calling us to pioneer. Sight produces language! King Solomon declared that … “the teacher…searched out and set in order many proverbs… (he) searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true” (Eccl. 12:9&10). We too have experienced the inner formation of new spiritual language to capture what the Lord is doing in this season. Kingdom Humanity Fellowship is the manifestation of the invention of the Spirit that shall allow the saints to walk into new levels of life and functionality in Christ. I invite you to read, study and explore the attached document that outlines the activity of the Spirit in our hearts and lives. To do so, please follow this  link Kingdom Humanity Fellowship.

I look forward to seeing the Body of Christ move forward to fulfill what has been outlined in the prophetic Scriptures.

Thank you!

Robert Ntuli

LivingStones Agency / Kingdom Humanity Fellowship /



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