One New Man conference


Livingstones Agency will be hosting this conf. together with other churches in the city of Durban. There is a massive stirring taking place currently on the issue of Reconciliation and Diversity in the Church and in the Nation of SA. It is an opportune time considering our history. It poses a challenge for us to lay a fresh revelational foundation for Diversity as we build a Church that becomes a model of Reconciliation for the Nation. We are the Light of the Nations, if the Church cannot express Diversity then the Nation cannot realise the dream of Reconciliation. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation. We have to break the lingering spiritual design of Apartheid by apostolic revelation. The hearts of the people are ready. The Nation is stirred. Let us come together from the 16th – 19th June (Thursday to Sunday) to declare the Word or the Lord and create a new prophetic space for the emergence of churches of diversity in the Nation. A New Season is upon us!

1) Thursday 16 June @ 6pm (Glenridge Church)

2) Friday 17 June @ 8am – trip to Inanda Heritage Route

3) Friday 17 June @ 6pm (Glenridge Church)

4) Saturday 18 June @ 9am (Glenridge Church)

5) Sunday 19 June @ 6pm (Glenridge Church)

Venue: Glenridge Church, Durban Station complex, 65 Masabalala Yengwa Ave, Durban

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