The Impact of Apartheid in the Church in South Africa

In South Africa (SA), we have accepted an artificial Church model and condition that was shaped by the laws of Apartheid. Take a moment and think about the state of the Church without the history of Apartheid, the truth is that without Apartheid, the Church would be looking very differently in SA – it would not be organised according to Ethnicity, Race and Socio-economics. Clearly, Apartheid did not only impact the natural socio-political order of this nation, it also shaped the spiritual order of the land. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE. The horns of the enemy have scattered “Judah” (the Church) so that no one is able to raise his head, but God is now sending the Craftsmen (Apostolic grace) to terrify the horns (Zech 1:18-21). We have to confront this Apartheid inspired model of Church – it must be demolished first and foremost, in our hearts and minds (2 Cor 10:3-5) so that we can bring the Church in SA, into a new Season of the Purposes of the Lord.

The Church is the Tree of Life whose leaves bring healing to the Nations (Rev 22:2). The nation of SA will never be delivered from the curse and disease of Racism and Apartheid until the Church in SA is moved by God to facilitate a new spiritual and social order characterised by the Kingdom Principles of Mutuality, Coexistence and Justice. The Church is the healing prescription of God for the diseases that inflict the nations. The main disease of SA is Racism, Distrust and Inequality. If the Church in SA cannot produce the medicine for this disease, the nation will never heal. It therefore goes without saying that in the main, the Church in SA remains irrelevant until it is able to deliver a societal model that represents and reflects the Kingdom Principle of Coexistence. For this reason, judgement must begin in the house of the Lord (1 Pet 4:17). For God to heal the nation, He must start by fixing His Church so that from “Zion”, Law (Definitions of Human Life) can go out to the nation of SA (Isa 2:1-4).

A Prophecy

Here is the Prophetic reality upon the Church and the Nation of SA at this moment. “God is releasing grace to straighten out what was left unfinished in the Church and in the Nation of SA” (Titus 1:5). It is time to bring to completion what the Political Movement started. God is coming after the Shepherds that have lost vision and who are only feeding themselves, both within the Spiritual realm of Church and in the political realm of Government. The Lord is appointing “David” to administer justice between the fat sheep and the lean sheep, to teach the Nation across Racial and Socio-economic lines how to Reconcile and Coexist (Ezekiel 34). God will bring again the Topic of Reconciliation in the Nation. There is a second chapter and phase  of Reconciliation that is coming upon the Nation. Much teaching will come through the Church on this subject. But there will also be Community Schools that will teach the Nation on Reconciliation. I see this Initiative also bringing impact in the Workplace. Those with a proven track record of Leadership will soon arise to positions of influence, both in the Church and in Government (2 Sam 5:1-3). Not only are we going to witness a new dispensation of Law to facilitate equality and justice, but we will also see the emergence of Churches in SA that will represent the Principle of Racial and Socio-economic integration, across communities. Not only are we going to see a one directional movement of those from undeveloped communities going to the Churches in developed Communities, but we will also see people of different Races from developed communities going to the Churches in Townships and Rural areas. God is moving His Resource across the Nation.
There is an activation of “Nehemiah” that is taking place in SA as God moves the hearts of those in privileged positions to go to underprivileged communities to facilitate the transfer of Skills and Economic resources. I see Institutions of Human Development begin to emerge in rural areas and in Townships. Like Nehemiah, there are those that are in high level professions that are being moved by the Lord at this moment. They have watched the News and have read the News papers. They are aware of issues affecting the Nation. They do not suffer from negative attitudes. Their hearts have been broken by the Spirit and they will sacrifice their very lives to rebuild the Walls of the Nation. Some are sitting in economically privileged Churches and God is Speaking to them right now. They are seeking God ordained relational bridges to enter into under privileged communities, to invest resources and do the work God has called them for. God Himself is administrating economic justice in this Nation. The Spirit of God is facilitating Divine Connections across Races and Ethnic groups. In due time, as the Church in SA grows, the Political leadership of the nation will consult the Church on issues of Nation building. Like Daniel and Joseph, some of the leaders will be invited to the “House of Pharaoh” – in particular, I see leaders from the ranks of the Church streaming into Parliament, speaking on the pressing issue of Nation Building. The recent dramatic occurrences and frustration that is building up in this Institution (Parliament) must not discourage us. It has a significant prophetic purpose. God is confusing the language of the builders of the tower of Babel (Gen 11:1-9) and in due time they will go out seeking for help. I see some that have been posted by God right within the Political ranks and in Parliament. Like the chief cup bearer, they are being positioned by God to facilitate connections between “Pharaoh” (political leadership) and “Joseph” (spiritual leadership). The Hand of the Lord is moving upon our Institution of Law Making – Parliament. I can see that there are those that have been stationed right within Parliament to pray and intercede for this Institution. God has heard their prayers and is now opening doors so that His Prophets and Apostles can go in and deliver wisdom.
These processes taking place in SA are significant for the rest of the World. Racism is not just a SA phenomenon. It is a disease that has inflicted the whole world. SA is just a spiritual icon of Racism before the world. The emergence of the Church in SA and its result in the Nation will therefore ignite powerful movements in the Nations. More Global gatherings will be held within the Nation as Global Leaders seek solutions expecially on the pressing issue of Coexistence.
So God is encouraging us Saints. We must rise up because our Light has come. We must engage this Season of the Lord. He is preparing us for greater things. We must be found ready. This is the Season of Stirring and Activation of the Saints in the Purposes of God.

Prophetic Interface 2015


For this reason, the upcoming Prophetic Interface 2015 is dedicated to addressing the issue of Unity in  the Church, with a particular emphasis on the historical impact of Racism and Apartheid in the Church. Pray for this meeting so that it  can be a Key to open the storehouse of God’s resource for the Church and the Nation of SA. Come and attend so you can be a part of this historical development (3-5 Dec 2015, The Auditorium, Innovation Centre, UKZN, Howard College, Gate no. 9, off Rick Turner Rd). A New Season is upon us Church in SA.


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