Components of a Functional Human Being in Christ

Components and Indicators that define a Functional Human Being (Believer) in Christ:

Personal Spirituality‬:
A personal relationship with Christ evidenced by submission to the Authority of Scripture and the Holy Spirit, a lifestyle that has origination in the spiritual principles of the Kingdom, obedience to divine command and functional connectivity to fellow believers.

‪‎Purity of Heart‬:
A set of attitudes, motivations and desires that have been purified from the contamination of self and that are driven by the Will of God and the promotion of the wellbeing of others – rooted in the wisdom that your personal wellbeing is directly connected to the wellbeing of others.

A psychology (mindset, identity, attitude and emotions) that is powered by faith in God and that is devoid of a sense of right to life but one that is fully given to the ideal of living for Christ, one whose Identity does not originate in material wellbeing but in Christ – a psychology that is driven by the core issue of development in the Nature of Christ in the midst of (good and bad) situations, conditions and circumstances of life and one that understands that success in life is firstly in the possession of the Nature of Christ before it becomes a material reality.

A clear sense of oneself as a sexual being created by God, whose sexuality originates in the Image of Christ as well as in the Definitions and Commands of God and not in the pride of self and carnal desires – a sexuality that is liberated from the lust of the mind and the idol of the human body, one founded upon conscious obedience as opposed to sensuality, one that understands the human body as a sacred entity of the Spirit and bodily administration as an act of worship – a sexuality that engages in gender relations with reverence for God, inner purity and respect for the opposite gender.

An approach in relationships free from the contamination of the insecurities of self and carnal identity, one that begins in the wellbeing of others and that is driven by reverence for Christ, selflessness, a sense for justice and identification in human relations – one that will go to the “cross” for the wellbeing of others.

A marital relationship founded upon the principles of covenant, identification, otherness and companionship as opposed to selfish emotions – one whose intimacy is characterised by the principle of mutuality and one that inspires collective development and ongoing integration towards the Nature of Christ.

The management of resources, situations and processes of human life powered by reverence for Christ, conviction of the Spirit, Wisdom of the Scriptures, a continuous search for the Will of God, a collaborative process and the priority of human wellbeing.

An industrious spirit that understands human labour outside of the contamination of the socio-economic struggle but as a basic duty of man established in creation and that must be engaged as a means to improve the human condition.

An engagement in the formal productive process that is fuelled by spiritual consciousness, a sense of honour for the Lord and fellow workers as well as service to humanity as opposed to a legalistic obligation – one that is not limited to technical development but one that stimulates a holistic personal development process.

Our revelation of Christ and spiritual activity in the Church must produce development in these components of Functional Humanity in Christ. If it does not, then we are engaged in an abstract spiritual process that is not producing growth in our humanity. It does not glorify God for us to have powerful Church Gatherings without development of our Humanity in Christ – for He came to the Earth that we may have abundant life.

We are establishing the ‪#‎CivilDimensionofChrist‬ in our lives as we step into this Season of ‪#‎GlobalKingdomCivilization‬. God is empowering the Church to produce a Highly developed and functional Human Being in Christ.

We are establishing the ‪#‎CivilDimensionofChrist‬ in our lives as we step into this Season of ‪#‎GlobalKingdomCivilization‬. God is empowering the Church to produce a Highly developed and functional Human Being in Christ.

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